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Lasco Sets Make Great Gifts

Are you looking for something unusual and special for an artist, artisan, or craftsperson?  Could you use some fresh, new, diamond burs to help you finish those special projects you’ve been working on?  A Set of Lasco Diamond Burs might just be the answer.

Sets are an economical option that provides you with both the tools you need now, for your current project, along with additional tools for your future projects.

12 Piece Multipurpose Diamond Bur Set

This 12-piece Multipurpose Diamond Bur Set contains 12 of our most popular general use diamond burs.  The tools in this set can be used for a variety of projects including:  Carving, Engraving, Drilling, and a lot more.  These burs will do an excellent job working on stone, glass, porcelain, wood, plastics, resins, tile, composite materials, and a whole lot more.

12 Piece Multipurpose Diamond Bur Set

21 Piece Opal & Fire Agate Carving Set

This 21-piece Diamond Bur Set was originally optimized for working on both Opals and Fire Agates, but it will also do an excellent job on many other projects.  This set contains 7 different Diamond Bur shapes each in 150 Grit, 400 Grit, and 600 grit.  Use the 150 grit to rough out your project and remove excess aggregate material.  Use the 400 Grit as an intermediate grit for smoothing, pre-polishing, and chasing color bubbles.  Once you’ve found the color bubbles, use the 600 Grit to bring up the color and enhance your piece.  Please Note:  These color bubbles can be very thin and very easy to destroy.  0nce you’ve found color, go slow, check your piece often, and carefully consider the consequences of making each additional cut.

Lasco Diamond Products 21 piece Opal & Fire Agate Carving Set

Glass Carving Set - 400 Grit

This set contains 7 of our more popular 400 girt diamond burs which were selected for working on glass.  These tools work well for on carving glass and can also be used on many other materials.

Glass Carvers Set consisting of 7 assorted diamond burs coated with 400 grit diamond powder

Starter Set - This set contains 11 of our more popular sizes of carving diamond burs in our standard 150 grit diamond plus a diamond disc. This is an excellent beginner set and can be used for a large variety of projects.

Starter Carving Diamond Bur Set


Tony Thurber Opal Inlay Set - This set contains 4 of our Carving Diamonds, 1 of our diamond core drills, 1 of our carbide burs, and a diamond bead reamer.

Tony Thurber Opal Inlay Set


18 Piece Basic Carving Set - This set contains 18 assorted carving diamonds (CLR85, ICR22, T22, T44, TR44, TR30, CL1, CLR1, SG1, SG2, K2, W22, B20, B30, P80, F45, F55, & EL44). This set is available in your choice of the following grits: Our Standard 150 grit, 400 grit, or 600 grit.

18 Piece Basic Carving Set


30 Piece Deluxe Coarse Set - This set contains a BD10 diamond disc and 29 pieces of our coarse grit carving diamond burs (SG1, SG2, W22, BW1, BSW4, BW4, ICR22, CLR85, F100, D20, K1, K2, TR30, TR100, TR44, T30, T100, T44, T22, P80, P22, F45, F55, CLR1, CL1, B10, B20, B30, & B40) Bur block is included.

30 Piece Delux Coarse Carving Set


44 piece Deluxe Carving Set - This set includes our BD10 Diamond Disc plus 21 piece of our coarse grit carving diamonds (CL1, SG1, SG2, K1, W22, BW1, BSW4, ICR22, CLR85, D40, B10, B20, B30, TR30, TR44, T44, T22, EL44, F45, F55, & P80) The set also includes 1 each of the following diamond burs in both 400 grit & 600 grit (B30, CLR1, CL1, TR44, SG1, SG2, W22, EL44, F45, F55, & P80) Bur Block is included.

44 Piece Deluxe Carving Set