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Micro Ultra Carving Machine Information

The Lasco Micro Ultra Machine is light weight, easy to use, and extremely portable. The unit comes complete with a variable speed control box, a quick release dental style micro motor handpiece, and a handpiece stand.

Use the table top speed control box to quickly adjust the handpiece to any desired speed, up to a maximum of 25,000 RPM. Use the foward/reverse switch to set the desired turning direction. The machine accepts all standard 3/32 inch shank size burs.

Micro Ultra Carving Machine Picture

Micro Ultra Variable Speed Foot Control

For even greater flexibility add the optional variable speed foot control

Micro Ultra Foot Control

Micro Delux Carving Machine

Please Note: The Micro Delux Carving machine is currently out of production. We do have many of the component parts still in stock and can do a variety of repairs and maintenance on your existing machine. Please contact our office with a brief description of your issue and we will let you know if we think we can repair your old unit.