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Lasco's 3/32 Shank Diamond Burs

While these tools are optimized for use in a Dental style Lab Handpiece or Foredom machine, they can also be used in a Dremel or most any other rotary machine equipped with a 3/32 collet or a variable chuck. We offer tools in grits from as coarse as 40 grit to as fine as 600 grit. The dimensions listed below are approximate using our standard 150 girt, variations occur due to the placement of the diamond particles and the grit selected. Coarser tools will be a little larger and finer grit tools will be a little smaller.

Tools are only available in the grits listed below them.

Click on the tool to make your selection.

Line KeyD20TR30TR100TR44TR25T30T100T44T22

Line KeySG1SG2SG250 Diamond BurK1K2F45F55EL44W22BW1

Line KeyE10P80P22CLR1CL1B10B20B30B40B50 Diamond Bur

Line KeyBW3 Diamond BurBSW3 Diamond BurTR85CL44D40BSW4BW4CC250CC22CLR125 Diamond Bur

Line KeyBW6BW7BW8K12 - Large Knife Edge Diamond Wheel 1/2 inch diameterICR22CLR85F100