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Lasco Polishing Burs

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These Rotary Polishing Tools are made with 3/32 shanks and are optimized for use in a Dental style Lab Handpiece or Foredom machine, they can also be used in a Dremel or most any other rotary machine equipped with a 3/32 collet or a variable chuck.

Caution – Remember when using polishing compounds it is essential that you not cross contaminate your grits. You need to keep a separate polishing bur for each grit you intend to use.

Hard Felt Burs

These hard felt burs are generally charged with a polishing compound and will do an excellent job of polishing stones, gems, and glass, along with a variety of other materials. For best results, we recommend using these felt burs with Lasco’s Diamond Polishing Powers or Compounds as your polishing media.

Felt Cone 5mm x 12mmFelt Cone 7mm x 15mmFelt Cone 8mm x 12mmFelt Cone 12mm x 21mmFelt Cylinder 7mm x 11mmFelt Cylinder 9mm x 12mmFelt Cylinder 13mm x 16mm

Felt Bullet 7mm x 21mmFelt Bullet 8mm x 16mmFelt Wheel 22mm x 6mmFelt Knife Edge Wheel 22mm

Alternatives To Felt Burs

Often a hard surface like our felt burs just won’t quite work to polish your fine detailed carvings. On those occasions you might consider trying our Chamois bur (made by stacking 4 pieces of chamois cloth together) or a Natural Bristle Brush to get the polished effect you are seeking. Some of our customers also report using a toothbrush for polishing fine details.

Rotary Chamois Polishing BurPolishing Natural Bristle Brush

Rubberized Abrasives

These rubberized abrasives burs are already impregnated with Silicon Carbide grit.  They can be used on metal, stone, glass, porcelain, plastic, and resin.  Typical uses include: Polishing metals, some softer stones, and porcelain; Removing surface scratches; Pre-polishing stone and glass to a smooth, matte finish; Deburring; Blending seams; Smoothing edges; Removing corrosion or surface deposits; and more.

240 Grit Rubber Abrasive Bullet320 Grit Rubber Abrasive Bullet800 Grit Rubber Abrasive Bullet1200 Grit Rubber Abrasive Bullet1500 Rubber Abrasive Bullet