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Lasco's Diamond Polishing Powders

This is faceting grade, resin bond, diamond powder. Use the coarser grits (100, 400, & 600 grits) for shaping. Use the intermediate grits (1200, 3000, & 8000 grits) for pre-polishing. Use the finest grits (14000, 50000, & 100000 grits) for final polishing.

For effective use this powder should be mixed into a polishing paste with some type of a carrier. The more popular products are mineral oil or vegetable oil if you like your paste thin, petroleum jelly or vegetable shortening if you like your paste a little thicker, or you can use bees wax if you prefer your paste very heavy. Mix the contents of the 5 carat vial to somewhere between 1 teaspoon and 1 table spoon of carrier. If you use a teaspoon your paste will be more aggressive. If you use a tablespoon your paste will last longer.

Diamond is sold by weight. 5 Carats = 1 Gram. This amount will be approximately 1/2 a thimble full by volume.

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100 Grit Diamond Powder400 Grit Diamond Powder600 Grit Diamond Powder

1200 Grit Diamond Powder3000 Grit Diamond Powder8000 Grit Diamond Powder

14000 Grit Diamond Powder50,000 Grit Diamond Powder100,000 Grit Diamond Powder

Need Larger Quantities? Try Our 25 Carat Bulk Packs.

25 Carats 100 Grit Powder25 Carats 400 Grit Diamond Powder25 Carats 600 Grit Powder25 Carats 1200 Grit Powder25 Carats 3000 Grit Diamond Powder

25 Carats 8000 Grit Diamond Powder25 Carats 14,000 Grit Diamond Powder25 Carats 50,000 Diamond Powder25 Carats 100,000 Grit Diamond Powder

Prefer The Convenience of Premixed Compound?

While it is more economical to mix your own, we also have premixed paste. Our faceting grade diamond is mixed with a petroleum based carrier and sold in a 5 gram syringe.

1200 Grit Diamond Compound3000 Grit Diamond Compound8000 Grit Diamond Compound

14000 Grit Diamond Compound50000 Grit Diamond Compound100000 Grit Diamond Compound