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Lasco's 1/16 Shank Diamond Burs

While these tools are optimized for use in a Dental style Air Turbine, they can also be used in a Dremel, Foredom, or other rotary machine equipped with a 1/16 collet or a variable chuck.

OnLine Price $5.95 each

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Line KeyW1W2W3WS2D1D2D3CC1/2CC1CC2CC3EL1EL1-1/2EL2

Line KeyTR1TR2TR13TR6TR12TR4TR3TR14TR7TR8TR5TR15TR9TR10TR11CR1CR2 Diamond 1/16

Line KeyT1T2T6T12T4T3T7T8T5T9T10T11C1C2


Line KeyB1/4B1/2B1B2B2-1/2B3B4B5F2F3F4F5F6F8

Line KeyP1/2P1P2P3P4P5P6P8P9P10P11P12TG6TG7TG9