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Lasco's 3/32 Shank Carbide Burs

Standard Cut Carbide Burs

While these Carbide Burs are optimized for use in a Dental Style Lab Handpiece or Foredom machine. They can also be used in a Dremel, or most any other rotary machine equipped with a 3/32 collet or a variable chuck.

Special Online Price $2.50 each

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Carbide Round Heading1/4 Carbide 3/321/2 Carbide Bur 3/321 Carbide Bur 3/322 Carbide Bur 3/323 Carbide Bur 3/324 Carbide Bur 3/325 Carbide Bur 3/326 Carbide Bur 3/328 Carbide Bur 3/32

Inverted Cone Carbide Header34 Carbide Bur 3/3235 Carbide Bur 3/3236 Carbide Bur 3/3239 Carbide Bur 3/32

Cross Cut Straight Fissure Carbide Header558 Carbide Bur 3/32

Cross Cut Tapered Carbide Header699 Carbide Bur 3/32700 Carbide Bur 3/32701 Carbide Bur 3/32702 Carbide Bur 3/32


Titanium Nitride Coated Carbide Burs

The special Titanium Nitride Tip coating causes these burs to cut faster, last longer, and leave a smoother finish than conventional standard carbide burs. They are great for cutting ivory, bone, amber, wood, resin, etc...

OnLine Price $13.50 each

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82T Carbide Bur83E Carbide Bur88A Carbide Bur84T Carbide Bur84ST Carbide Bur81A Carbide Bur52C Carbide Bur

53A Carbide Bur73C Carbide Bur52D Carbide Bur36D Carbide Bur31P Carbide Bur32P Carbide Bur71G Carbide Bur