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For over fifty years, we have been manufacturing quality dental diamond burs in the United States, in California. Our shapes were designed by Dr. Peter K. Thomas and other prominent USC and UCLA dental instructors. For many years, we supplied the USC Dental School through several private label companies. For over a decade, we supplied the UCLA Student Issue.

Our quality is unsurpassed and our prices are reasonable. We hope that you will consider us as a source for all your diamond bur needs. You can phone, fax, or place your order online. We offer fast turn around times. We generally ship orders within 24 hours of receiving them.

Lasco's exclusive bonding process assures uniform diamond placement and extreme accuracy in controling the thickness of the bonding material. The diamond is positively anchored, and will not peel or pull out.

Our triple inspection guarantees absolute consistency in grinding shanks to a tolerance of plus or minus two ten thousandths of an inch. Concentricity is guaranteed.

Lasco Diamonds hold a cutting area without skipping, binding, or jumping. You enjoy fast, vibration free, self cleaning reduction.

Featured Products

Lasco manufactures a wide range of dental diamond burs including: Standard Crown & Bridge Diamond Burs, Rotary Gingival Curettage Diamond Burs, Micron Finishing Diamond Burs, Porcelain Veneer Diamond Burs, Laboratory Diamond Burs, and Diamond Discs. We also have a large assortment of Standard FG Carbide Burs and Laboratory Carbide Burs.