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Lasco Finishing Diamond Burs

Finishing Diamond Burs are available as individual tools or sold in an 8 piece set (50 Micron Diamond Bur Set or 25 Micron Diamond Bur Set) or 16 piece Double Finishing Diamond Bur Set.

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50 Micron - Extra Fine Grit For Contouring

P1 X-Fine FGTR7 X-Fine FGEL1 X-Fine FGEL2 X-Fine FGF4 X-Fine FGF3 X-Fine FGB2 X-Fine FGB3 X-Fine FGBuy 50 Micron Finishing Diamond Bur Set


25 Micron - Ultra Fine Grit For Fine Finishing

P1 Ultra Fine FGTR7 Ultra Fine FGEL1 Ultra Fine FGEL2 Ultra Fine FGF4 Ultra Fine FGF3 Ultra Fine FGB2 Ultra Fine FGB3 Ultra Fine FGBuy 25 Micron Finishing Diamond Bur Set Button

Buy Double Finishing Diamond Bur Set ButtonPlease select the correct shank size for your handpiece.

Why Finish With Diamond Instruments?

Since mounted stones are rarely perfectly round and concentric, they have a tendency to hammer the restoration as do carbide finishing burs. This excessive vibration can dislodge the fillers from a restorative’s matrix, leaving irregularities on the surface of the restoration.

Our micron diamonds are manufactured with an extremely uniform coating of 50 Micron and 25 Micron diamond grits. This allows the instrument to cut smoothly, without causing vibration or damage to the composite or glass ionomer materials. These rotary diamond instruments should be used with minimal pressure, in a constant wiping motion, using a generous amount of water.

50 Micron Diamonds For Contouring

Use the 50 Micron diamonds to shape and contour the final structure of your composite or glass ionomer restorations. The extra fine rotary abrasion of the 50 Micron diamond quickly cuts the restorative with minimal damage to the matrix material. Maximum recommended Speed is 50,000 RPM.

25 Micron Diamonds For Fine Finishing

Use the 25 Micron diamonds to make your final adjustments to your restoration and to smooth the surface of your composite or glass ionomer restorations. The ultra fine rotary abrasion of the 25 Micron diamond leaves the surface of your restoration very smooth, often eliminating the need for any further finishing. Maximum recommended Speed is 15,000 RPM.

Please select the shank size necessary for your handpiece.