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Lasco Friction Grip Dental Carbide Burs

Fast Cutting Standard Carbide Burs

Sold in 10 Packs - $15.00 per Pack

Click on the Carbide Number to make your selections

Round Ball1/4 Round1/2 Round1 Round2 Round3 Round4 Round5 Round6 Round8 Round

Pear Shape330331332245

Inverted Cone33-1/23435363739

Cross Cut Fissure Straight556557558557 Long558 Long

Cross Cut Fissure Tapered699700701702700 Long701 Long

Cross Cut Round End Straight15571558

Plain Fissure Straight565758

Plain Round End Straight115611571158

Plain Fissure Tapered169170171170 Long171 Long


FG Surgical Carbide Burs

Special OnLine Price $4.50 Each

Surgical Ball CarbidesSurgical Round 2Surgical Round 4Surgical Round 6Surgical Round 8BlankSurgical Cross Cut StraightSurgical 557Surgical 558

Surgical Cross Cut TaperSurgical 700Surgical 701Surgical 702BlankSurgical Cross Cut Round End StraightSurgical 557BlankSurgical Cross Cut Round TaperSurgical 1702


Metal Cutting Carbide Burs

Special OnLine Price $5.00 Each

Metal Cutting CarbideMetal Cutting 1558XC


Trimming & Finishing Carbide Burs

Special OnLine Price $5.00 Each

Finishing Round Carbides700470067008BlankFinishing Egg Carbides740474067408

Finishing Flame Carbides71047106BlankFinishing Needle Carbides790179027903

Finishing Bullet Carbides780178027803BlankFinishing Tapered Carbides761176127613