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Small Head Diamond Burs

These shapes are only available in 3/32 inch shank

Our standard grit works best for most applications. We also offer these shapes in a faster cutting Coarse grit or a smoother cutting Fine Grit.

Click on the tool to make your selection

B20 Diamond BurB40 Diamond BurCL1 Diamond BurCLR1EL44 Diamond BurF45 Diamond BurF55 Diamond BurK2 Diamond BurCC250 Diamond BurCC22 Diamond BurSG2 Diamond BurICR44 Diamond BurCLR125 Diamond Bur

P22 Diamond BurT30 Diamond BurT100 Diamond BurT44 Diamond BurT22 Diamond BurTR30 Diamond BurTR100 Diamond BurTR44 Diamond BurTR25 Diamond BurW22 Diamond BurBW1 Diamond BurBSW3 Diamond BurBW3 Diamond Bur

Use these smaller head diamond burs when working with petite hands, or doing 3D artwork with your sculpture material. Remember when grinding with your rotary tools, you should constantly move the tool across the area you wish to reduce, blending it with the rest of the nail. A rotary tool will cut much faster than hand filing.  Care must be taken not to concentrate your grinding on a single spot, as the speed of the tool will quickly remove too much material, leaving you with a low spot to repair. A diamond instrument rarely heats up since heat dissipation is a natural characteristic of diamonds. However acrylic material does heat up with friction. By concentrating your cutting on a single spot, you cause the acrylic material to heat up, possibly burning your customer. By moving your tool across a large area while grinding, or by removing small amounts of acrylic material with short, quick passes, followed by a few seconds of rest, you will allow the heat caused by friction to dissipate.

Don't use these tools on the natural nail