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Specialty Diamond Burs for French Fill (Pink & White) Sculptured Nails.

Create A Smile LinespaceW22 Diamond BurBW1 Diamond BurBSW3 Diamond BurBW3 Diamond BurK2 Diamond BurCC250 Diamond BurCLR125 Diamond BurICR44 Diamond Bur

Use one of these diamond burs to create a smile line to easily prepare a two-tone French Fill (Pink & White). These bits help to establish two reference guidelines. First, it establishes the new dividing line between the pink and the white sculpture material. Second, it creates a depth gauge to use as a guide while you remove the white acrylic with your conventional barrel bit. Remember to remove about 70% of the thickness of the sculpture material along the new "free edge" before you replace the "white" in order to prevent shadow lines. Our W22 Diamond Bur is our most popular bur for this application; however, these other burs will also do an excellent job. Be careful that you don't cut too deep, you don't want to cut into the natural nail or cut off the free edge.

Don't use these tools on the natural nail