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Lasco has been manufacturing quality diamond instruments in the USA since 1963. We are proud to serve the dental, art, lapidary, glass, industrial, hobby, and cosmetology industries. We offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes, in grits ranging from 40 to 600. Our exclusive processing technique assures uniform diamond placement, and extreme accuracy in controlling the thickness of the bonding material. The diamond particles are positively anchored, and unlike cheap imitations, will not peel or pull out. Concentricity is guaranteed. Our diamond burs will hold a cutting area without skipping, binding, or jumping.

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Dental Products - Our professional line of dental products include friction grip diamond burs (FG), Finishing diamond burs, RGC diamond burs, Lab diamond burs, Gingival Margin File (A Diamond Coated Hand Instrument), Carbide burs, TNT Carbide Burs, and more.....

Industrial/Art/Hobby/Lapidary Products - Our diamond tools work great for cutting all types of stone, gems, glass, metal, tile, wood, industrial composits, exotic materials, plastics, resins, porcelain, ceramics and more. Our bits fit in most of the popular rotary machines, including: Dremel, Foredom, Craftsman, Dental Style Micromotors, etc. These burs are used in jewelry making, engraving, 3D art, glass & stone carving, customizing model kits, building model railroads, cars, airplanes, etc.

Manicuring Products – We offer a complete electric filing system for the professional Nail Tech. Our manicuring bits include Lasco Nail Diamond Burs, Lasco Small Head Diamond Burs, Nail Carbide Burs, Sculpture Brushes, Manicuring Machines like our Micro Delux and Micro Ultra, and more.

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